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Saturday, October 07, 2006

New Podcast—The Second Annual TV Theme Tune Scramble
This time last year, I offered a podcast that was also a contest, The Great 2005 Name That TV Theme Tune Contest. I'm happy to report that five of the 10 shows are still on the air (if you count Rome, which isn't currently on the air but will be returning to HBO).

It's that happy time of year once again, so here's the 2006 version. An added bonus for those YST readers who take the long view: Guess how many of these 12 shows will still be on the air in 2007. Closest wins a prize. (My guess? Seven, though only a couple will be considered hits.)

The 12 shows are:
a) Ugly Betty
b) 'Til Death
c) The Class
d) Men in Trees
e) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
f) Justice
g) Vanished
h) Heroes
i) Dexter
j) Happy Hour
k) Help Me Help You
l) Jericho

Now, listen to the podcast and tell me which show goes with which theme tune. So, if you think No. 1 is Ugly Betty, your answer would be 1-a). You can send your answers to yousaytomato[at] OR if you're a trusting sort, just put them in the comments below.

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