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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Great 2005 Name That TV Theme Tune Contest
It’s a podcast … and it’s a contest!

For my second podcast (my first consisted of Emmy predictions, and was posted mere minutes before the start of the Emmy telecast, which a) presumes a greater interest in the Emmys than hard evidence supports; b) wasn’t the best timing), I bring you the Great 2005 Name That TV Theme Tune Contest.

Here’s how it works.

First—and this bit really isn’t skippable—you have to listen to the podcast.

On it I provide a list of 10 shows:

A: Threshold
B: Rome
C: How I Met Your Mother
D: Everybody Hates Chris (yes, I got the emotion wrong on the podcast)
E: Bones
F: Starved
G: Killer Instinct
H: Inconceivable
I: Ghost Whisperer
J: E-Ring

Then I play 10 TV theme tunes. I recorded them off my TV, so the sound quality’s not stellar (Andy, my podcast guru, would be appalled for many, many reasons), but it’s good enough, ya whiners.

What you have to do is match the theme tunes with the shows—so, for example, if you think Theme Tune 1 is Threshold, you would write 1-A, and so on down the list. Each tune is only used once (there’s no trickery involved, in other words), and the music you hear at the beginning and end of the podcasts is just for your entertainment—it’s not part of the contest.

When you have your list, enter the answers in the Comments for this blog entry (if you don’t want the world cribbing your answers, just send them in an e-mail to yousaytomatoblog[AT]gmail[DOT]com). From the no doubt numerous correct answers I receive, I’ll randomly pick one winner.

What’s the prize? Well, you get to choose. You can have a) a slightly used gay-themed T-shirt—not everyone’s idea of sartorial bliss, including me these days, I must admit; b) one of my mix CDs (your best bet); or c) a new hardback book (I’ll choose one for you—I’m as good at matching people with books as the winner will be at matching TV shows with theme tunes).

OK, let’s play Name That TV Theme Tune …

(To subscribe to You Say Tomato podcasts, add to your favorite podcasting software. If you use iTunes, for example, in the Advanced menu, select Subscribe to Podcast, and paste in that URL.)

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