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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Keeping Track of 2005
I’ve always been a bit embarrassed by my compulsion to keep track of the movies I see and the books I read. My dad, who has always had food issues (if I’d never left England, no doubt that last clause would’ve read “who’s a fat bastard” or possibly, if I were feeling kinder, “who’s a greedy bugger”) has this thing about writing down everything he eats, so my own semi-compulsive list-keeping has always struck me as a bit dysfunctional or maybe just embarrassing. Nevertheless, I do it, as do many other fully functional humans, so rather than hide and deny, I should just be cop to it—and at least get some blog posts out of it to help with the New Year resolutions.

In 2005, distractions at the beginning of the year (you know, the whole packing up and moving 3,000 miles from Seattle to New York thing), missing SIFF, having a later-ending workday, and the endless alternative options here meant that I saw fewer than half as many movies in 2005 as I did in 2004—42 as compared to 106. (I don’t care how good televisions get, I only consider myself to have “seen” a movie when I watch it in a movie theater—if you can pause or do a so doku while you’re watching, it’s just not the same.) Books were comparable—28 in 2005 versus 30 in 2004—but once again I only counted books that I finished; I often read almost all of a book, usually for work purposes, but if I don’t read every last word, it doesn’t make the list. This is a shockingly pathetic total, but I suppose that’s the price of podcasting and hour upon hour of television every night. New in 2005, I attended 29 theatrical productions—mostly what Variety would call “Legit” theater, but I cheated slightly and included the four operas that I saw this year—Seattle Opera’s magnificent Ring cycle.

Tomorrow (or soon thereafter), I’ll offer my bests and worsts of the year, but for now enjoy the list of movies, books, and theatrical/operatic works I experienced in 2005. Later I'll get to the media that I'm not so compulsive, though no less enthusiastic, about: television and music.

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