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Sunday, September 18, 2005

TiVo-Blogging the Emmys, Part 3
Oh, man, we’re in the bit where there aren’t many surprises and you’re sitting there waiting for Ellen to walk in on someone in the women’s room. Jon Stewart’s tribute to David Letterman was sweet if rather unconvincingly delivered; Macy Gray seemed to be fighting with Gary Durdain over whether he could hold her hand rather than enjoying his grip; and why so many cuts to Naveen Andrews? (Is it possible they don’t know he isn’t really Iraqi?)

I was SO relieved that Quentin Tarantino didn’t win for his direction of last season’s CSI finale—I know some people whose judgment I respect enjoyed it, but I’m of the belief that you cannot, well, should not change all the characters and motivations in the last episode of the season. Plus I just don’t like him. I was not happy that The Wire didn't win the Drama Series Writing category—I don’t understand why that show doesn’t get respect. It’s by far the smartest, best-written show on television and has been every year it’s been on.

Oy, then we got to the miniseries or movie categories. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—TOO MANY AWARDS! How is it fair that you can run up a whole slew of statue-ettes for something that lasts two hours when many of the best shows on television are consistently overlooked (to name just three: The Wire, Veronica Mars, and CSI). Geoffrey Rush’s words about his wife were lovely, but the movie just wasn’t that good—for it to take three consecutive awards shows how lame that whole category of categories is.

But I’ll relax my disdain for the category thanks to the loveliness and charm of S. Epatha Merkerson’s acceptance speech for Lackawanna Blues (though I miss her dreads). That was one of those classic nervous but sincerely moved victory reactions that you just can’t get enough of. (And I’m so glad that in the age of breast-less supermodels, an actress who’s big and bomb was the one to lose her acceptance speech in her cleavage.)

For the second year in a row, Arrested Development’s Mitchell Hurwitz came across as one of the smartest, wittiest guys in the crowd, and his observation that “the Academy has twice rewarded us for something that you people won’t watch” pretty much says it all for that show. (Let’s face it, the TV sitcom is dead.)

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