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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Grapple in the Apple
Astonishingly, I just spent two hours (two and a half hours if you count the time spent trying to get on an available stream) watching a grainy Webcast—in prime all-new-episodes TV premier season—of the Christopher Hitchens v. George Galloway debate.

It was riveting stuff, although I’m afraid it wasn’t a good idea for Galloway to share his views with America—the more Americans hear notions like "our two countries are the biggest two rogue states in the world today" or praise for the Islamist insurgents nihilistically murdering in Iraq or hear that American support for Israel drew the planes into the World Trade Center, the less likely they are to jump onto the Galloway-palooza barnstorming tour.

Galloway got off some good lines—personal insults that were well-delivered—but saying that Hitch represents the first ever metamorphosis from a butterfly into a slug isn’t really an answer to Hitch pointing out that if Gorgeous George is opposed to imperialism, he should at least acknowledge that the side he is on is in itself imperialist since it is determined to bring about the return of the caliphate and with it a society that has no room for drinking, music, women’s right, homos, or just about anything I hold dear.

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