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Friday, February 11, 2005

iTunes Meme
How better to get one’s blogging mojo going than to tackle a meme?

How many total songs?
3,667; total time 11.6 days

(Compulsory excuse: A lot of my CDs aren’t on the computer; a bunch of CDs on the computer aren’t in iTunes.)

Sort by song title—first and last.
“ ’Ave That”—Radioactive Man
“Zvielicht”—Modern Jazz From Eastern Germany

Sort by time—first and last.
“This Is an Ashanti Proverb”—Fela Kuti (Red Hot & Riot) (0:09)
Mum Wants a Bungalow Tour—Peter Kay (research, honest) (1:15:07)

Sort by album—first and last.
You Gotta Pay the Band—Abbey Lincoln & Stan Getz

Top 5 played songs?
(I don’t really play songs in iTunes—I just use it to shift them to my iPod.)

Find “sex”—how many songs show up?
“Everybody Deserves To Be F*cked”—Sex in Dallas
“Sex Education, Ghetto Style”—Gil Scott Heron
“Iest Sexy”—Shantel vs. Mahala Rai Band
“Anarchy in the UK”—Sex Pistols

Find “death”—how many songs show up?
“Ode on the Death Of François II”—Aileen Carr and Brian Miller
“A Little Warm Death”—Cassandra Wilson
“Death Letter”—Cassandra Wilson

Find “love”—how many songs show up?
106. The first is “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding,” by Elvis Costello; the last is “You Must Believe in Spring & Love,” by Abbey Lincoln (who seems to have a lot of songs that begin with the word “You”).