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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

With the Mennonites
I’ve not had much time for blogging of late—and little inclination when I had the opportunity. Given how close we are to the election, it’s not surprising that it’s busy at work, and I’ve been traveling a lot recently. I haven’t even had time to watch much television—though as far as I know, they’ve not canceled any of “my” shows yet.

This weekend we went to the Mennonite Country Auction and Relief Sale in Ritzville, Wash. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Mennonites—I’ve never met one that wasn’t sweet and huge-hearted. If it became compulsory to have a religious denomination [insert lame PATRIOT Act joke here], I’d go with Menno Simon’s peeps, though I’d no doubt have to undergo re-education to remove my martial streak.

As well as some awesome food (man, I can’t get enough kraut runza—I’ve had them every day since the sale—and New Year’s cookies are sinfully delicious), there's also a fund-raising auction. The folks I was with spent some serious money: Several of the quilts pictured on this page (including the postage stamp quilt) went home with members of my extended Mennonite family, and even I bought a comforter (much cheaper, because there’s no quilting, but the colors were great).

I also bought a turkey—I know the family that was donating it, and I felt bad that the bidding was in the cellar. As of today, it’s still running around in Eastern Washington; I get to decide whether to have it delivered live or butchered. I’m trying to persuade R that it would be a great gift for Sooky, to compensate for stifling her hunting instincts by making her live indoors, but so far she’s unconvinced.