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Monday, September 20, 2004

Live-Blogging the Emmys, Hour 2
Well, I was right, I guess, Hour 2 was a bit of a snoozer. Jon Stewart opened up the hour and handled the MC duties way better than GS—but I guess it isn’t kosher to have stars who are likely to be nominated for and to win awards presenting the show for real.

Elaine Stritch was Elaine Stritch—I guess anyone who was surprised by her shtick doesn’t know much about her. And it sounded to me like she was bleeped for a “shit” and got away with an “effing,” mild stuff for ES! (It’s funny to see her on a Sunday night—when I was growing up, Two’s Company, her show with Donald Sinden, which came on before (or was it right after?) The South Bank Show, was my regular Sunday night entertainment.)

Not much else to write home about—the methods of presenting the names of the nominees for Best Writer in a Music, Comedy, or Variety Show award were pretty amusing. (I especially liked Howard Dean reading the Daily Show names, followed by a slightly muted “Yeow!”)

The farewell to TV shows clip segment was way too long. Is that going to be the Emmys equivalent of the “In Memoriam” section of the Oscar telecast? I hope not.

Speaking of going on too long, America needs to find another token Latino award-presenter, because George Lopez is tiresome (and I loved that The Donald couldn’t be bothered to disguise his disgust for the little pisher).

I’m no big fan of Tony Kushner’s, but it was cool to see a boy-on-boy kiss when his name was read and to hear his banter about hoping that he’ll be able to marry his “husband” for real some time so he can “make an honest homosexual of me.”

The business with the “real people” being flown in to present the Emmy for best Reality-Competition Show was way overblown. (If they’re “real people,” what are all the other presenters? Aliens?) The gimmick got more attention than the shows they were supposed to be honoring—and the guy’s description of The Apprentice as “my favorite show,” though kind of refreshing, must’ve felt like a slight to the other nominees.

The acceptance speech for Something the Lord Made (I hope HBO will play it—and Elaine Stritch Live at Liberty—again soon) was the most polished of the night. A little somber perhaps, but very professional and, well, grown-up.