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Monday, July 05, 2004

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That, Spidey
So, I was just watching Hal Sparks do his patented “I’m so damned lovable and harmless” thing on tonight's Queer as Folk when I remembered his odd cameo in Spider-Man 2.

Hal (an actor known for his gay roles) and his beagle (a breed known to be popular with gay men) get into an elevator, where they find Spidey in full regalia (as I recall this is after one of the scenes where he loses his will to web, so he has to use more conventional means of transportation home). They make small talk about the costume, and the depressed Spidey tells Hal that the tights are “kinda itchy and ride up in the crotch a little.” At that point, Hal gets that "little boy who’s just made a crank phone call" look he puts on when he's supposed to suggest that he's all hot for Ben in QaF, and we see him reaching forward to push a button. Cut to Spidey tromping down the street looking even more dejected.

I may be all homo’d out—we are just coming out of the season of pride and we-are-everywhereness, after all—but it sure looked to me that we were supposed to think that Hal had stopped the elevator so he could help Spidey out of his tights, and Spidey’s hang-dog expression when it was all over was about not being able to be with MJ, the love of his life, and having to make do with furtive encounters with bad actors in elevators.

Anyone else?