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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Excuse, Excuses
OK, this isn’t an excuse—there’s no need to make an excuse for not having done something that you do for fun, right?—but let me just say that when you own a home, you have less time for idleness than you do when you rent.

Actually, I suppose it’s that you have more responsibilities—you can still be idle and lazy, but it feels a bit irresponsible. We’ve owned our home for about six weeks now and have lived in it for about four. I still spend massive amounts of time watching television (more than ever, in fact, damn you, TiVo, for surfacing the good stuff) and reading and working and all that, but I also do things like clean the house and work in the garden (very little, but more than I’ve ever done in my life—not hard since I’ve never done anything in a garden except sit, drink, chat, and read). I also spend a lot of time thinking about the house—pondering purchases and room layouts and what could be improved.

I've always had a rather casual approach to house-cleaning, but now I want to keep the place dust-free and tidy because I actually want visitors. After years of subtly discouraging stop-bys (it’s nothing personal, I’m just rather hermitic by nature), these days I find myself looking for excuses to get people to come by. Part of it is showing off, but it’s not just that—it just feels like a nice place to hang out. I’m considering buying drinks that I don’t care for—for my visitors, don’t you know. When I’m at the store, I think about having things on hand that I could serve up if someone stopped by.