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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Where in the World is June?
I'm in New York, having too much fun to blog. That's a rare feeling for me. Not that I've been blogging (again) that long, but generally speaking, the more fun I'm having, the more I want to talk (show off?) about it. Actually, I think I'm too busy to blog. I'm working in our New York office during the day, then as soon as I sneak out of the office (feeling guilty, knowing the perma-New Yorkers are going to be there for a couple more hours), there's just time to dash to the theater or the movies or dinner, and afterward I just want to crash. Plus, our room, while luxuriously appointed, is tiny, and the thought of even taking my laptop out of my bag seems like it would ruin the delicate stuff-to-space ratio.

Tomorrow's a play/fly-home day, so I should have time to write, but for the moment, here are the highlights.

Touristy Broadway dining: Being too cheap (or crowd-hating) for Sardi's, we settled for Langham's and the Algonquin's Blue Bar. The Blue Bar's food is just average pub grub, but the atmosphere is fabulous. Bog standard fish and chips consumed while surrounded by original Hirschfeld drawings seem delicious.
Theater: On Sunday we saw Imaginary Friends, the new Nora Ephron play about the long-running feud between Lillian Hellman and Mary McCarthy. I wanted to see it because I did my undergraduate dissertation on Hellman, I used to enjoy Ephron's '70s-era humor writing, and I'd never seen Cherry Jones, "our" actor. Unfortunately, the play is very flawed. Did I love it nevertheless? You betcha.
Movies: Spend five days in New York and spend one precious evening at the movies? Sure, when the cinema is the Film Forum and the film is Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time. What a movie! Amazing art, a fascinating artist, and "artspeak" that didn't make me want to hurl.