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Saturday, December 07, 2002

On My Way
What a week! I'd say it's a miracle I got through it without a heart attack, an ulcer, or a head of white hair. Well, I suppose there are more stressful things than a wild visa chase, but let's just say that after midnight office visits and way more calls to Moscow than I ever thought I'd make from my home phone, my Russian visa arrived this morning just six hours before I head off to the airport.

I've arranged to spend a few hours with a translator/guide on Monday so I can make the best use of my time in Moscow (I think I'll have three free days, though I'm not entirely sure what's supposed to happen on Wednesday--I may have to head off to the seminar site early). Yesterday, I finally found a Web link for the seminar, where I'm one of the invited "experts"! It's far more heady company than I expected. Check it out!

I'm taking my laptop with me, so I hope I'll have a chance to blog from Russia. Talk to you soon!