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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Why I Like Thanksgiving
Dude, it always falls on a Thursday, and since many employers, including mine, also make the day after Thanksgiving a holiday, you get a four-day break. In the day-off-deprived land of the free, that's a big deal. Actually, my vanpool and I stretched the holiday even further by going to a movie right after work on Wednesday (literally in my case—I finished work at 6:53, then ran down the stairs for my ride). After Far From Heaven (on which more later), we went to Dragonfish for cocktails, edamame, poke rolls, and potstickers. (Dragonfish have a genius second happy hour from 10-1 a.m., so not only were we celebrating the fact that we didn't have to set our alarm clocks the next day, we were actually getting a bargain.)

Ach, but to get sappy for a moment (don't worry, normal curmudgeonliness will be resumed shortly), I do have much to be grateful for—a great girlfriend, a swell group of pals, a job that I like, enough dosh to indulge most of my whims. Today was an ideal day: a lie-in, finishing a book in bed while drinking tea, a short spell of mess-clearing so we could actually use the dinner table to eat from rather than as a holding place for unread mail, warming up the excellent pre-prepared dinner (if I'm forced to cavil, there weren't enough potatoes—that's what was in the mysterious small package in the photo below—and PCC seems to agree with the Coastal Kitchen that green beans are supposed to be served raw) eaten while listening to the fabulous Waltz for Koop, then a stroll down the deserted street to the video store.

And now I'm off to watch one of the DVDs we rented.