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Sunday, November 03, 2002

The Fresh, Fresh Aroma of Dettol
BBC America, the most disappointing channel on the cable box (by no means the worst, but a pale shadow of what it could be) is currently running a series of ads for the "British Grocer" section of its Web site. An uncharacteristically smart move for them; this is exactly the time of year when even the least patriotic expat starts to wonder where this year's Christmas pud, rum sauce, and holiday chocolates are going to come from. (Last year we solved this dilemma by spending the holidays in Victoria, B.C.)

So far, so good, but alongside the Maltesers and the Hobnobs and the PG Tips, the very last product that the ad lingered over was Dettol. Dettol? If we didn't have Ye Olde Britishe Pantry (that's the shop's real name) in driving distance, I'd be tempted to send off for some chocolate digestives ($4.25), some mushy peas ($1.65), and perhaps even a nice spotted dick ($4.70), but I am fucked if I would even think of paying $4.85 (plus shipping) for 250 ml. of Dettol. Importing antiseptic into the US of A? Talk about sending coals to Newcastle.